Delivering Reliable Profitable Insights

In business, insights are everything. It's the difference between breaking even and losing money. It's the difference between breaking even and highly profitable, scalable campaigns. The problem is 99% of companies, agencies and marketers are flying blind.

Here's a small handful of critical insights that every company should know:

Empower your ads with lossless tracking with our 4 Level Fingerprint Tracker

Let’s face it: Current industry tracking systems isn’t good enough. To make smart decisions on all your clients, you need comprehensive accurate data. That’s why we track every click four ways: cookies, IP address, email and machine fingerprinting so even though they change devices or location we can capture over 98% of the data

Level 1 - Lifetime Cookies

Level 2 - Email

Level 3 - IP Address

Level 4 - Machine Fingerprint

Ultimate Marketing Dashboard.

Generate reports that show you exactly what ad sources are generating REAL ROI.

Easily Integrates with current tech

We can API directly into your Adwords campaigns. Plus we have API integrations with: FB, Clickbank, Shopify and more so that you won't need to jump from one system to another.

The next level of marketing attribution

We have valuable attribution reports that allow you to see the relationship between traffic sources as well as the value of a visitor with each visit. This provides key insights to make smart decisions.

Attribute the sales Google and Facebook miss

Their cookie based tracking expires after 90 days and you lose 30-50% of your sales data over time. Our quadruple-tracking system makes sure you don't lose your valuable data


Organic Traffic

See your true Lifetime Customer Value and Return of Investment

We track your customer from the beginning to forever. Even if they jump from different devices.

Your Entire Customers Journey Across ALL Traffic Source

Track Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, SEO sales, and more. We even track untagged traffic sales and show you which websites your sales are coming from - even if there’s no tag set up.

Get real-time sales stats for all your email broadcasts and autoresponders.

Powerful tools like “email tags” give you profitable insights that you can use to improve your email marketing.

Make your Ad Sources perform better

Help facebook and adwords AI find the right customers for you effectively. This helps lower cost

Designed with long term accuracy and success in mind.

We designed everything in Gold Lantern to work for agencies that have long term goals to help your clients be more profitable and to make more entrepreneurs. Join us in this drive to push accuracy and success to your businesses