To Thy Own Self Be True

I carry a coin with me that says “To Thy Own Self Be True”. Being authentic and honest with myself is one of my deepest core values.

As entrepreneurs and human beings, it’s extremely powerful to know our weaknesses, understand the way our brain works and become aware of our personality traits and character defects...

Money Moves

Your #1 focus as a business builder should be to: INCREASE REVENUE.

This comes down to: sales, marketing and repeat sales. Let’s break down those 3 areas into specific money moves:...

Master Efficiency

Congratulations you’ve identified your money moves. Now, it’s time to become GREAT at that money move. Your Core Money Moves will make you incredibly effective.

Now it’s time to become EXTREMELY EFFICIENT...

Maximum Leverage Factor:
Focused Ferocity

Now we have come to the factor that will MULTIPLY your output in the same amount of time: focused ferocity.

Focused ferocity is applying all your mental and physical energy into your focus-window. It’s about being FULLY ENGAGED for that set amount of time.