Track your advertising and maximize profits

Gold Lantern is a turn-key solution for Agencies and Serious Marketers

Track all traffic, across all funnels and web properties and get powerful reports to see what is going on in your business.

Find out where the profits are coming from and see the ROI of every traffic source.

Have custom audiences built automatically and boost your ROI by 500% on Facebook.

Have placement exclusions added automatically to your Google Adwords Display Ads.

Get anti-fraud protection by seeing where ad fraud or click fraud is occurring.

Track your emails automation sequences, your sales, leads, profits… even your customer support team.

Track EVERYTHING Including:

Facebook Ads

Google Ads

Instagram Promotions

Email Marketing

Traffic Sources

Internal Sources

Customer Support Sources

Affiliate Links

Shopify Sales

Paypal Sales

Amazon Sales

Stripe Sales

Get the real-time pulse of your business
and see which traffic sources are producing revenue

Instantly see which traffic is profitable and unprofitable.

Do you know where your leads are coming from?

Where do your clicks come from?
With Gold Lantern, you can also drill down and find the 80/20 within seconds.

Connect Gold Latnern to Google and Facebook.
Your ads will be automatically uploaded and tagged.

Or you can use our Chrome extension
so that Gold Lantern works without changing your workflow.

Integrates with payment processors
to ensure all sales (including recurring payments) are accounted for.

Where is ad fraud happening on your web properties?
Gold Lantern makes it easy to find out.

Easy-to-read visual reports
show you the most profitable regions, states, countries for geo-targeting.

Gold Lantern quickly shows you which campaigns are making money,
and which are losing money.

Bubble charts give actionable insights.
Customize for any stats desired, such as clickthrough rates vs sales conversions.

You'll know which keywords are working and which aren't.

Visitor value charts, plus ROI over time reports, and a lot more.
Gold Lantern is designed to make management of advertising simple.

Which times of day and which days of the week are the most profitable?
You can use this to increase profits with time segmentation.


We will help you track all traffic, across all funnels and web properties, and more importantly: We’ll give you reports that contain actionable insights.


The Gold Lantern suite of services is best described as a traffic optimization, or profit maximization platform. It will tell you exactly where the profits are coming from and gives you the ROI of any source of traffic.


Imagine boosting your ROI by 500% on Facebook. Our CPA Optimizer builds custom audiences for you automatically, by analyzing the traffic that lands on your websites.


The campaign optimizer is a powerful anti-fraud tool which automatically ads placement exclusions to your Google Adwords Display ads.


Get additional anti-fraud protection by seeing exactly where ad fraud or click fraud is occurring, on which websites, and from which traffic sources.

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