To Thy Own Self Be True

I carry a coin with me that says “To Thy Own Self Be True”. Being authentic and honest with myself is one of my deepest core values.

As entrepreneurs and human beings, it’s extremely powerful to know our weaknesses, understand the way our brain works and become aware of our personality traits and character defects.

Weaknesses become major liabilities when we’re in denial about them and ignore them.

Once we know our natural tendencies and once we know our limitations, we can begin creating solutions to overcome them such as: creating powerful structures, hiring the right people, working on our weaknesses and embracing our strengths.

This step is what separates a lot of “good entrepreneurs” from “great entrepreneurs”. Great entrepreneurs know who they are and they know how to create winning teams around their strengths and weaknesses.

Here are some personality tests that will help you discover yourself (do them all if you can):

Albert Einstein

Here are a few personal experiences to help illustrate the value of these tests. Kolbe was a big one for me. I’m extremely high in “Quickstart” and extremely low in “follow through”.

This means I love starting new businesses, projects and ideas and I generally suck and pushing them to completion or following up.

So what did I do? I partnered up and starting people that are world-class at follow through. They naturally solve this “hole” in my personality. It’s no longer an issue. I get to do what I’m best at and focus on creating new ideas.

Another monster ‘ah-ha’ was Visionary or Integrator. I figured this out a few years before I read Rocket Fuel by necessity. I knew I was an idea machine and was naturally strong at vision and I knew I sucked (and hated) micro managing things

Reading Rocket Fuel cemented that concept. It also helped me understand and respect Integrators. I’m better at working with them. Just understanding and implementing this concept helped me quickly grow my income, my company's revenue and my enjoyment in business. Now, I surround myself with Integrators.

The other powerful thing about doing these kind of tests as a company is you’ll know how to work with each other.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly -- until you can learn to do it well.”
- Zig Ziglar

I remember hearing a variation of this ata Gary Halbert seminar “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly”.

Took me a minute to get it…

M.T. Everest

And then I realized that when we start doing new we’re going to suck most of the time. Every pro athlete was a beginner at some point. Every self-made billionaire entrepreneur started with $0 revenue in their company at some point. And most businessmen failed many times when with their first ideas.

In the majority of cases, if you ENJOY something you’ll become great at it with enough smart training, time and dedication.

So it’s important to separate natural aptitudes, tendencies and psychological profiles with hard skills.

If you’re new as an entrepreneur EXPERIMENT. Try new things. Do it all… It’s going to take you a few years to really figure out and develop your unique abilities.

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