Money Moves

Your #1 focus as a business builder should be to: INCREASE REVENUE.

This comes down to: sales, marketing and repeat sales. Let’s break down those 3 areas into specific money moves:

Marketing Part 1: Getting Traffic (visitors) to your website or store

  1. Search Engine Optimization (including: Google Maps)
  2. Pay per click (Adwords and Facebook)
  3. Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc…)
  4. Content Marketing: articles, video

Marketing Part 2: Conversion

  1. Creating sales copy (written or for video
  2. Creating email autoresponders
  3. Shooting sales videos
  4. Creating new marketing experiments


  1. Prospecting (cold calls)
  2. Making sales presentations

Repeat Sales

  1. Launching new products

You have 11 potential money moves to focus on. Your goal is have 80% of your schedule be filled with YOUR core money moves. Which one of these excite you the most? Which one of these do you feel you can become GREAT at?

If you have an ecommerce business, what I suggest you do is:

  1. Focus on ONE traffic method
    (the one that has the most likely chance of working).
  2. Focus HEAVILY on all aspects of conversion early on. Once you have a successful funnel, then you only have to focus on creating new marketing experiments for the most part.
  3. Launching new products.

If you have an local business, what I suggest you do is:

  1. Focus on search engine optimization and local PPC.
  2. Create an educational sales process and optimize your lead acquisition pages.
  3. Create a strong sales process (9 and 10).

For many of my early years my 4 money moves were:

  1. Adwords (to generate traffic and leads)
  2. Writing new autoresponder emails
  3. Launching new products
  4. Writing new sales letters for the new products

I ignored everything else and made millions.

As your business grows, there are other money moves that may appear -- however these 11 money moves can take your business to the next level and beyond.

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