Master Efficiency

Congratulations you’ve identified your money moves. Now, it’s time to become GREAT at that money move. Your Core Money Moves will make you incredibly effective.

Now it’s time to become EXTREMELY EFFICIENT.

Gary Halbert gave this comparison to explain the difference between effectiveness and efficiency:

Efficient is paddling a canoe up or down a river with a perfect J-stroke. That means with the absolute least energy expenditure, you get the most forward movement of the canoe.


Effectiveness is paddling the canoe the right way (upstream or downstream) on the right river.

Always worth slowing down short term to get long term speed.

Danny, my first guitar teacher, really emphasized the fact that I needed to LEARN HOW TO PLAY IT PERFECTLY FIRST… And then speed up later.

Guthrie Govan, one of the greatest guitarist alive says, “Speed is a byproduct of GOOD, SLOW PRACTICE.”

Once you have bad habits and patterns programmed into your nervous system, it is much harder to reprogram them.

Here’s some of the biggest efficiency boosters:

Efficiency Booster #1: Hire experts to shortcut your efficiency learning curve

For your Core Money Moves, hire a TOP PRO to show you his work flow. For an example, it might take someone 3 years to become as efficient as I am with Google Adwords. If I work with that person, it might take a week.

Let’s put numbers to this example: if an Adwords newbie is half as efficient as a pro (and that’s being generous) and they both work 20 hours a week for 3 years that’s 3,120 hours each. The pro will get literally TWICE as much done as the newbie. Another way to put it is, the newbie will waste 1,560 hours of his valuable time.

By spending the time, energy and money upfront to become highly efficient -- you will save thousands of hours in the future.

Efficiency Booster #2: Learn To Type FAST

One of the most valuable classes I ever took was a typing class in high school. By the time, I left I was typing 80-90 words a minute.

Let’s quantify the value of that: if 2 people are answering emails once a day for an hour (5 days a week) and one is twice as fast -- that’s 130 hours a year difference in productivity.


Efficiency Booster #3: Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

Vital Keyboard Shortcut #1: Copy, Cut And Paste

The most basic fundamental shortcuts everyone should know is to copy, cut and paste. Here’s the shorcuts for MAC and PC:

COPY: Command (hold) + C COPY: Ctrl (hold) + C
PASTE: Command (hold) + V PASTE: CTRL (hold) + V
CUT: Command (hold) + X CUT: Ctrl (hold) + X
UNDO: Command (hold) + Z UNDO: Ctrl (hold) + Z
Vital Keyboard Shortcut #2: Partial screenshots and full screen shots

We all know a picture is worth a thousand words. That’s why often the fastest way to communicate is to take partial screenshots (or full ones) of graphics, images and other ideas and share them.


  1. Partial screenshot: Press simultaneously: SHIFT + COMMAND + 4 and then drag mouse over picture you want to take.
  2. Full screenshot: Press simultaneously: SHIFT + COMMAND + 3


  1. Open Snipping Tool by swiping in from the right edge of the screen, tapping Search (or if you're using a mouse, pointing to the lower-right corner of the screen, moving the mouse pointer up, and then clicking Search), entering Snipping Tool in the search box, and then tapping or clicking Snipping Tool.
  2. After you open Snipping Tool, open the menu that you want a picture of.
  3. Press Ctrl+PrtScn.
  4. Tap or click the arrow next to the New button, choose the kind of snip you want, and then pick the area of the screen that you want to capture.

Efficiency Booster #4: Use Text Expander (or something similar)

Another great tool is called Text Expander. According to the Text Expander stats, it saves me a few hours a year.

You can preprogram various bits of text and retrieve them with a few shortcuts.

So for all the repetitive sentences you use, you can program 3 or 4 letter shortcuts.

Here’s a couple of examples I use:

When I type: “hbd” it inserts: “Happy Birthday!!! Have an amazing day!”

Other examples:

When I type “mge” it inserts my private email address.

When I type “fladd” it inserts my mailing address.

I have about 50 different texts I use.

Text Expander

Efficiency Booster #5: Use Keyboard shortcuts on your phone

Same concept as #4, but it’s already built into your Iphone.

How to create and customize iOS keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Launch the Settings app
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap on Keyboard.
  4. Scroll down to Shortcuts
  5. Tap Add New Shortcut...
  6. In the Phrase field, type in the entire phrase you'd like to create a shortcut for.
  7. In the Shortcut field, type in the snippet you want to be replaced by the phrase.
  8. Tap Save at the top right.
iOS Customization

How to create and customize Android keyboard shortcuts:

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap Language
  3. Tap Input.
  4. Tap “Personal dictionary.”
    (Note: the exact settings may differ depending on the make and mode
  5. Tap the “+” sign in the top-right corner of the screen, then enter the word or phrase (like “on my way”) you’d like to make a shortcut for.
Android Customization

Efficiency Booster #6: Use Voice Dictation

One of the greatest efficiency tools ever is: voice dictation

You’ll NEVER be able to type with your thumbs as fast as you can speak. It easily doubles (if not triples) your speed.

If you don’t want to annoy those around you, cup your hands around the mic and mouth and speak with a low voice volume.

Efficiency Booster #7: Transcriptionists

Another great service to use is transcriptionists. Sometimes, there’s value in having a full text transcript of a call, a video, a webinar or a meeting.

Plenty of companies that offer thisservice.

You just send them your audio file and within a few days you’ll get every word typed out for you.


Efficiency Booster #8: 1 Password (or something similar)

Do you ever waste time searching for a password? Do you ever forget a password?

This solves this and more.

This has to be one of my favorite tools ever. It probably saves me 10 hours a year filling out forms and looking for lost passwords. Over the holidays, I went to my parents in Canada and we spent 10 minutes looking for a piece of paper for their Wifi password.

1Password (Roboform for PC), save all your passwords, addresses and credit cards in the system. All you need is ONE STRONG PASSWORD to open it.

I have over 1400 different passwords, a dozen addresses and over 15 credit cards saved in it.

This cuts my online ordering time by 80%. I can save addresses of family members and friends that I buy gifts for

There’s also an Iphone app that syncs your passwords. It’s an even bigger time saver on the phone.

Efficiency Booster #9: Use the FASTEST equipment

Is there anything that blows flow like the “beach ball of death”? Sometimes it might only spin for 3 seconds, but it feels like an eternity and more importantly it KILLS your flow.

The key to avoiding the spinning wheel is:

    I suggest having at least 16GB of RAM. This gives you plenty of room to run multiple programs and windows.
  2. Flash drives
    The older hard drive technology have to SPIN to retrieve the information.
  3. The more cores the better
    The more cores your computer has, the faster it can do complex processes.

That’s it

I suggest buying a new computer every 3 years to keep up with the latest advances in technology.

Efficiency Booster #10: Use Your Team Effectively

This IS one of the biggest efficiency tools you can use.

And if you’re used to working alone and doing it all, it will take you time to learn how to unload tasks and manage a team effectively

Relay Race Metaphor

A very powerful perspective on executing a project is a RELAY RACE. In a relay race, 4 sprinters will run 100 meters (or 400 meters) and pace the baton to their teammate.The race is completed once each team member has run 100 meters

Every project breaks down into a set of mini-sprints. What DELAYS a project is when there’s a delay passing the baton to the next team member.

This happens when either:

A) The one with the baton keeps it for too long

B) The next runner doesn’t pick it up fast enough.

Simply sharing this metaphor with your team and explaining that we want ZERO DELAYS passing the batons often produces a boost in productivity.

Also get your entire team using the Focus-Windows and Power-Thinking system.

Productivity Strategies, 3, 4 and 5 cover this one.

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