Our hard working team

Matt Gallant

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Gallant made his first sale on the internet in 1996 and since then has built over 39 profitable websites in various sectors and industries, selling 8 figures worth of products and services online. He's been called by his peers “The Mad Marketing Scientist” since he's constantly testing new, radical ideas inside his companies.

Claude Johnson

Product Manager

Claude is a well-rounded Integrator with a core competency in lean startups and software development management. His experience ranges from working on technical projects for some of the world's largest financial institutions to bootstrapping new direct marketing ventures from 0 to millions of dollars in sales.

Dino Keco


Dino is a computer science professional with over 10 years of rich experience as a software engineer. He has worked on multiple international software projects for some of the world's largest companies like NAVTEQ, NOKIA, IMS Health and others. Dino is most passionate about data science and machine learning research fields, which was the basis for his PhD thesis.

Samed Jukic

Team Lead

Samed is a computer science professional with a rich experience in every area of the Gold Lantern platform, with a special focus on API integration -- particularly with the Facebook advertising API. Samed also is an expert in bioinfirmatics and machine learning research fields, where he got his PhD degree.

Becir Isakovic


Becir is an experienced Gold Lantern platform developer, as well as a teaching assistant and software developer at International Burch University. He is working toward his Masters degree in science and machine learning, and is passionate and eager to learn about new technologies and approaches in software engineering.

Dominic Hofileña


Dominic is a Filipino computer science graduate and has been in the IT industry for 5 years. He has worked with East West Bank, Indra, Fujitsu, Guitar Control and Infinite Profit Solutions. He enjoys coding and learning new technologies like Firebase and Solidity. In his free time, he also likes to create games in Unity.

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